“Dear Reader” 10.08.2012

by projectbuddy


I rarely travel outside Tidewater Virginia except through WordPress. My time is spent mostly at work or with home and garden projects. I don’t have a microwave, a cellphone, or cable TV. (I do have electricity and indoor plumbing!) These WordPress blogs take me to new places with new people.

melindagreenharvey.com “One Day | One Image”

leafandtwig.wordpress.com “Leaf and Twig”

conorcullen.com “Conor Cullen – Images and Musings”

hoppingacrosscultures.wordpress.com “Hopping Across Cultures”

hikingphoto.com “Canadian Hiking Photography”

http://margaretsmiscellany.com “Margaret’s Miscellany (in which I catalog my travels and a random assortment of likes and dislikes)”