The Crab Apple Tree

by projectbuddy


The tree’s branches
stretched out
in all directions:
north to the land of forests;
south to the fertile earth;
east to the river valley;
west to the great wide open prairie.

Scattered all about
the ground
were small
crab apples,
some of which
a hole
where a worm
had burrowed
might be eaten.

Poem by Tom Simard
Sketch by John Spiers

If you have followed along recently, you know that Tom Simard, another WordPress blogger, and I have been working on a collaborative experiment involving his poems and my sketch.

When he sent a group of poems to me recently, one of them immediately brought to mind this sketch done many years ago of a crab apple tree. The words from the poem “The tree’s branches stretched out in all directions” perfectly described what I had wanted to convey in my sketch of a crab apple tree. Even his description of crab apples that had fallen to the ground fit with these mostly bare branches.

To read more of Tom’s creative work, please visit Tom’s WordPress blog.