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Dear Reader 11.28.2012


Each one graphic fifty word post creates a scene and tell a story in itself while still leaving some details for the imagination to complete. After examining similarly themed posts, I have taken eight favorites which together make a more complete story and have presented them in comic book format.


Please select the link above to view the PDF document. Your feedback is welcome, including suggestions for improvement.

“Dear Reader” 10.08.2012


I rarely travel outside Tidewater Virginia except through WordPress. My time is spent mostly at work or with home and garden projects. I don’t have a microwave, a cellphone, or cable TV. (I do have electricity and indoor plumbing!) These WordPress blogs take me to new places with new people.

melindagreenharvey.com “One Day | One Image”

leafandtwig.wordpress.com “Leaf and Twig”

conorcullen.com “Conor Cullen – Images and Musings”

hoppingacrosscultures.wordpress.com “Hopping Across Cultures”

hikingphoto.com “Canadian Hiking Photography”

http://margaretsmiscellany.com “Margaret’s Miscellany (in which I catalog my travels and a random assortment of likes and dislikes)”

“Dear Reader” 09.02.2012


There are definitely times when I feel like everything is about home projects. My “real job” hours are spent earning money for projects, and my “free time” hours are spent doing those projects. Here are some web addresses for other blogs featuring old house restoration work. Happy Labor Day Projects!