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Bottle Cap Girl


It was Labor Day, last game of the season. Bottle Cap Girl waited for the closing distraction of kids running the bases before making her move. With precision, she reached into each trashcan, snatched up plastic soda bottles, pocketed the caps, and dropped the dripping bottles into the recycling container.

Why he did the Fozzie Bear Waka Waka routine with two bags of peanuts for ears


It seemed strange to have had the same beer vendor at the ballpark for so many years and still know hardly nothing about his life. There we were at the last game of the season with new vendors set for next year, and we heard a guy’s deepest life griefs.


The first time we sat in his section together, it was like sitting in his living room and becoming acquainted with his neighbors: Beer Vendors Jerry and James, Bottle Cap Lady, Creepy Clown Guy, Dancing Usherette, Officer Beer (his real badge name), Young Jack Nicholson, and of course Miss Myrtle.