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His Jimmy Nardello’s Peppers


Yes, they looked wickedly hot. Bright red with occasional evil-looking contortions, hanging abundantly through the first frost. These sweet peppers brightened hearty winter dishes and melded with okra in a chicken gumbo that could bring tears to your eyes, not from the heat, but from the deep-down goodness.

Weren’t they a lot cheaper in the store?


She was born in the year “1892(?)” according to the Social Security people. She was legally blind and lived next door to his grandmother. All Miss Etta had was her house and her garden. He never understood why she grew her own potatoes until he grew his own…buried treasures.

What madness had caused this?


He found it about five feet away from a group of camellias one morning after a rainy night. There had been no strong winds to have caused this. It had the feel of a crime scene. Would one bird purposely remove the nest of another? So began a new mystery.