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When locked doors open by themselves…


There are memories of times and places that can be deeply disturbing. They remain in the subconscious until something awakens them to darken and blur the present while the mind sinks into “back then” and “back there.” They disrupt our tidy, neatly arranged lives, reminding us of our human frailties.

Confronting fears…


Sometimes I think of saying things that sound humbly gracious. “I just want you to be happy, even if it’s with someone else.” Who really says, and more importantly, who really means those kinds of things? But those words sound better than “I am afraid I won’t make you happy.”

Why did I ever do these Google searches?


His life followed the path he set out when we were nineteen. Wife. Child. Ideal job. The desires of his heart. Why the difference? Perhaps because I had taken a misguided detour by believing that my life script was already written for me, not by me. Time lost. Lessons learned.