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What to preserve and what to demolish?


When restoring any house there are treasured objects like a homemade house number sign that can be saved, framed, and mounted on a wall or maybe even turned into a sculptural conversation piece. But how do you save the bang of the screen door and the memories that sound holds?

My struggle with energy efficiency


Incandescent light suits my house and me. Its warm amber-like glow says “home” each evening. It draws me in where I always find safety and comfort, and then it somehow makes the darkness of night outside seem much darker. There is┬árest and security even in a single bulb.

Better than television


Every good house has a special place. It is difficult to define, and yet you know when you are there because it mysteriously draws you to itself. My house has this corner. Mr. Elliot built a shelf there to hold his police scanner. He would sit, listen, and look out.