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His Jimmy Nardello’s Peppers


Yes, they looked wickedly hot. Bright red with occasional evil-looking contortions, hanging abundantly through the first frost. These sweet peppers brightened hearty winter dishes and melded with okra in a chicken gumbo that could bring tears to your eyes, not from the heat, but from the deep-down goodness.

Southern grandma’s truth serum


She put the hot buttermilk biscuits in front of him beside a jar of this spring’s blackberry jam. He could almost feel the slight crunch of the bottom layer that you only get from baking them in a cast iron skillet. “Now tell me about this dream you’ve been having.”


I had no idea that the kitchen would need to be gutted all of the way to the wall studs and floor joists, but it did. With an assortment of small appliances on top of the rusting washing machine, my laundry room became my kitchen for much longer than expected.