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Like the tablecloth she had used for the last fifty years


She bought two pots of mums each fall. Sometimes they survived. Sometimes they didn’t. It was just one of those things that she thought a person was supposed to do, at least if that person could afford them. She couldn’t, but it did give the grand appearance that she could.

Dear Reader 11.12.2013


This blog has been set aside for a time or two, but recently it has had quite a few visitors with “likes” and “follows.” Perhaps it would be good to pick it up once again. Creating a mood with one graphic and only fifty words can be an enjoyable challenge.

“Bīruman ビールマン To The Rescue”


He made odd cartoons in his spare time, and he had much more spare time than anyone imagined. Spare time can be a trap for anyone with a lively imagination. He had all of the dramatic character drawn out using his self-taught skills. What he lacked was the plot.