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Weren’t they a lot cheaper in the store?


She was born in the year “1892(?)” according to the Social Security people. She was legally blind and lived next door to his grandmother. All Miss Etta had was her house and her garden. He never understood why she grew her own potatoes until he grew his own…buried treasures.

Things the realtor hadn’t told me and why I moved the picnic table


“There, right there,” Lois said, pointing to the spot between where I had cut down the dogwood tree and cherry tree. “Right there is where the baby died.” She trembled, swaying from side to side as she spoke. “The baby drowned in that fish pond. That man filled it in.”

Something had happened here


It wasn’t anything that you would have noticed at first. It took some time to figure it out. There were camellias, sheds, and eye-level fence barriers all along the property line between his house and Lois’s house. You could almost hear, “I can’t stand to look at that woman.”