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What I found many years later when replacing faulty plumbing work


Her husband had done some bathroom plumbing work years after The Baby had drowned in their little fish pond. Lois had not wanted to throw away the newspaper articles. She could not let go. He used them to wrap my pipes. He could honestly say, “I never threw them away.”

“Not this time,” he thought.


Had this been a television crime drama, there were enough hardware receipts in the top drawer to convict him of several unsolved “life ending events.” Rope. Duct tape. Utility knives. Caustic chemicals. There are always receipts, and the items are always paid with a traceable card, never cash. Always…right?

Things the realtor hadn’t told me and why I moved the picnic table


“There, right there,” Lois said, pointing to the spot between where I had cut down the dogwood tree and cherry tree. “Right there is where the baby died.” She trembled, swaying from side to side as she spoke. “The baby drowned in that fish pond. That man filled it in.”