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Confronting fears…


Sometimes I think of saying things that sound humbly gracious. “I just want you to be happy, even if it’s with someone else.” Who really says, and more importantly, who really means those kinds of things? But those words sound better than “I am afraid I won’t make you happy.”

83 years old with one crazy blind eye


He saved newspaper obituaries with the words “survived by widow,” noting the date of death. He would file these away in envelopes labeled by month after sending a sympathy card. Then he would wait the respectable full year before calling for a date. It was sweetly old-fashioned, yet creepy.


The first time we sat in his section together, it was like sitting in his living room and becoming acquainted with his neighbors: Beer Vendors Jerry and James, Bottle Cap Lady, Creepy Clown Guy, Dancing Usherette, Officer Beer (his real badge name), Young Jack Nicholson, and of course Miss Myrtle.