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What to preserve and what to demolish?


When restoring any house there are treasured objects like a homemade house number sign that can be saved, framed, and mounted on a wall or maybe even turned into a sculptural conversation piece. But how do you save the bang of the screen door and the memories that sound holds?

Always test the bathtub


It was such a thrill to see that claw-foot cast iron bathtub for the first time. It was almost as exciting as finding that my long legs fit perfectly while the slope for my back was super relaxing. The add-on shower and plastic shower curtains had to go.


I had no idea that the kitchen would need to be gutted all of the way to the wall studs and floor joists, but it did. With an assortment of small appliances on top of the rusting washing machine, my laundry room became my kitchen for much longer than expected.