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Fleeing Death


Fleeing death
that hung
like dreary
the streets
were alive
with a cold
that penetrated
the soul
you still possessed.

Poem by Tom Simard
Sketch by John Spiers

This sketch was done in a city parking lot where homeless people once gathered around oil drum fires for warmth in winter. With downtown renewal projects, you won’t see that now. The office buildings still seem to hang like dreary drapes, and somewhere the homeless still hang on to life.

To read more of Tom’s creative work, please visit Tom’s WordPress blog.

“Bīruman ビールマン To The Rescue”


He made odd cartoons in his spare time, and he had much more spare time than anyone imagined. Spare time can be a trap for anyone with a lively imagination. He had all of the dramatic character drawn out using his self-taught skills. What he lacked was the plot.

Weren’t they a lot cheaper in the store?


She was born in the year “1892(?)” according to the Social Security people. She was legally blind and lived next door to his grandmother. All Miss Etta had was her house and her garden. He never understood why she grew her own potatoes until he grew his own…buried treasures.