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What madness had caused this?


He found it about five feet away from a group of camellias one morning after a rainy night. There had been no strong winds to have caused this. It had the feel of a crime scene. Would one bird purposely remove the nest of another? So began a new mystery.


Innocence rides a tricycle.


Innocence sounds like a spring-powered metal bell, particularly when it can not speak words from fear. Innocence pedals as fast as it can to the corner and then ever so slowly back home. Innocence falls and gets back up. Innocence protects Teddy. Innocence sings silently, “So long Lonely Avenue.”

When will I be able to trade my house paints for artist’s paints?


My hands are worn from years of working with tools, from digging in the earth. They have some stiffness most mornings, and I worry about not be able to draw after completing this creative retreat. But art goes on, doesn’t it? As do the feelings that we have for others.