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Graphics and Writings

The first time we sat in his section together, it was like sitting in his living room and becoming acquainted with his neighbors: Beer Vendors Jerry and James, Bottle Cap Lady, Creepy Clown Guy, Dancing Usherette, Officer Beer (his real badge name), Young Jack Nicholson, and of course Miss Myrtle.


Can you judge how great a dreamer someone is by how much time they spend on their front porch? Or by whether or not they have a front porch swing? I have the only front porch swing on my block. I have some really big dreams, just not enough time.


(1) Layout box beam design. (2) Snap chalk lines on ceiling. (3) Attach support blocks with 3″ drywall screws. (4) Construct box beams. (5) Construct decorative elements for intersections. (6) Nail decorative elements to support blocks. (7) Cut box beams to length. (8) Nail to support blocks. (9) Fill gaps.