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I had no idea that the kitchen would need to be gutted all of the way to the wall studs and floor joists, but it did. With an assortment of small appliances on top of the rusting washing machine, my laundry room became my kitchen for much longer than expected.


She grew hyacinth beans along her backyard fence. The deep purple veining of the leaves, lavender to magenta blossoms, and electric purple bean pods were quite beautiful. She collected the beans each year, weighed, and stockpiled them. Whether or not they were truly poisonous added to the fascination they held.


He could hear the thoughts of Block Captain across the street. He knew that Block Captain complained constantly about his front yard. It was overgrown and needed to be trimmed and edged and the daisies should have been deadheaded. He swore he would pour concrete over the whole front yard.