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Dear Reader 11.12.2013


This blog has been set aside for a time or two, but recently it has had quite a few visitors with “likes” and “follows.” Perhaps it would be good to pick it up once again. Creating a mood with one graphic and only fifty words can be an enjoyable challenge.

Dear Reader 5.22.2013


As you may know, these occasional “Dear Reader” posts use a graphic with the morning newspaper. Yesterday’s headline was “DEVASTATED.” Today’s is “Heroes.” I have been thinking about these words this morning…their formatting and placement…their meanings. Which of these words will guide me when meeting today’s many challenges?

Dear Reader 12.13.2012


I am taking a break from adding any new posts. Thanks to everyone for “liking” and “following” this blog. Once my schedule with work and home improvement projects becomes more manageable, I should be back with more posts. I sure hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season!